How To Create TikTok Videos That Do Well in Ads

As social media platforms go, TikTok is relatively new. But in the time it has been around, it has quickly become a favored platform for users and businesses alike. This is likely due, in part, to the app’s focus on short video content. And because of this focus, businesses have found success in advertising their products and services on TikTok. If you’re curious about how to create successful TikTok videos that will do well in ads, keep reading! We’ll share some tips to get you started.

Remember These Ad Formats in Tiktok

TopView Ad

TopView Ad is the video that greets the users when opening the application. These ads could last up to 60 seconds and would enable marketers to showcase their products better. Providing a broad reach and a large number of impressions, this type of TikTok ad is ideal for raising brand recognition. Based on studies 71% of users say that this type of Ad caught their attention.

In-Feed Ads

This type of ad is their standard ad. With this ad, your video is embedded and plays automatically on your prospect’s “For You Page”. These types of ads could last up to 15 seconds and feature a Call-To-Action button depending on what you want your viewers should do.

Branded Effects

Tiktok allows you to customize your engagement through filters, effects, stickers, and even games. With these effects, users could use it to create their video content and would enable you to expand your reach to other Tiktok rising stars.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

This ad allows you to let users take a part in certain challenges to interact with them. This will help you boost engagement and online presence. This ad awakens users’ excitement to create and express themselves.

These ads will guarantee to boost your online presence and sales. But, it will all depend on the video content you will utilize for your strategy.

Create TikTok Video for Advertising: Tips

Authenticity is Key

Don’t try to copy what’s already popular on the platform – instead, focus on creating something unique that will grab people’s attention. With the number of users and brands doing ads in TikTok, your content should be unique and should correlate to what your product is about. To keep your adverts genuinely authentic, try incorporating user-generated content not only is this unique but also less costly. This is evidently effective as used by Royal Essence which spawned over 2.2 million impressions. 

Encourage Customer Feedback Content

Nothing beats reviews. It’s the most ingenious and low-cost way to advertise your brand with the aid of TikTok’s users. This is commonly associated with branded hashtag challenges. This strategy is used by brands to showcase the number of people that think their products are exceptional. This strategy boosted the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend. Based on studies 42% of TikTok users found new things through this trend. The hashtag currently has over 4.1 billion views and rising with the aid of users reviewing and recommending the products they found on the platform.

Use Cool and UpBeat Background Music

Tiktok users spend time and would look at videos with audio. It has been noted that 93% of videos in Tiktok have background music. Since most users just scroll and scroll through their time in TikTok, it is best to use upbeat audio to catch their attention. Also, when you choose to have this audio, users would tend to use your audio and create their content. Most of these audios are converted to dance challenges. The best example for this is the ad by Guess with their #InMyDenim challenge that they used Bebe Rexha’s I’m a Mess song to accompany their message.

Collaborate with Prominent TikTok Influencers

When having collaboration with TikTok influencers, you don’t necessarily have to connect with big and expensive influencers if you are not a big and universal brand. If you are a smaller brand, you should consider the influencer’s engagement and not their number of followers. Make sure that their videos have high interactions in the comment section as well as the number of likes. This technique was used by BMW when they tapped Falco Punch, Sky&Tami, and PatroX when they launched their #THE1Challenge. The collaboration garnered more than 6 million views.

Encourage User’s Creativity

When wanting to increase engagement, the best way is to push them to express their creativity through challenges. Inspire and get them excited. Essie (beauty brand) used this tip through their #exprESSIEyourself branded contest where followers were asked to showcase their creativity on nail art. This branded hashtag gained 9.3 billion views and counting.

Use Correct Video Ratios

Different social platforms come with different preferred video ratios. When making a TikTok ad, it is a no-brainer to consider the frame size and the aspect ratio to be used for each content. Tiktok supports a 9:16 aspect ratio so it is better to edit your clip and use video croppers to fit the dimension. It would look unprofessional to have blank spaces on your ad.

TikTok Ads: The Takeaway

TikTok is a relatively new platform that can be a bit challenging to work with—especially if you’re new to creating ads. But as long as you know what your objectives are and follow the guidelines above, creating videos for TikTok Ads will be easygoing, and in little time, your efforts will pay off.

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