Buying Guide: Things to do Before Buying a Refrigerator in India

Selecting the best brand for a refrigerator can be quite a daunting task, given the various options available in the market.

To make a refrigerator purchasing decision, there are numerous questions to consider, ranging from capacity to features, and this is where things become even more confusing.

Some considerations to bear in mind when purchasing a refrigerator in India

Energy Consumption and the Star Rating

The Energy Efficiency Rating tells you how energy efficient they are for the Best double door refrigerator in India. A higher star rating indicates greater effectiveness.

To guarantee the authenticity of the EER rating, always search for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) logo. Find out how many units of electricity a refrigerator consumes in a year before you buy the best brand for a refrigerator.

However, please keep in mind that your usage habits will determine the actual amount of electricity consumed by your refrigerator.

As a result, filling the fridge will require more electricity to circulate the cold air within, consequently. It is recommended to keep the refrigerator 20 percent empty at all times to ensure adequate air circulation.


When it comes to purchasing the best double-door refrigerator in India, the quantity of accessible space in your home is also a significant issue.

You can always look at the measurements of the fridge of your choice to determine if it will fit in the space you have available in your home.

Keep in mind that the fridge doors will require some space to be opened freely and that you’ll need at least an inch of space between the top and rear to allow heat to escape smoothly.

frost free vs direct cool

All refrigerators require cool air circulation to keep their contents cool. When it comes to direct cool alternatives, this circulation is managed entirely by natural convection, without assistance from outside sources or devices.

One main downside of this method is that the water is distributed unevenly, resulting in ice formation in the refrigerator. As a result, you must manually defrost the fridge regularly.

This technique has several advantages, including that these refrigerators are cost-effective and utilize less electricity.

The very name “frost-free” implies that there would be no frost or ice to contend with. The use of electric fans in these refrigerators ensures that the cool air is distributed uniformly throughout the unit.

This method prevents ice from forming inside the compartments, which means your food will not be subjected to freezer burn due to using it.

They are superior to direct cool refrigerators in exchange for their higher cost and higher electricity consumption.

Choose the refrigerator capacity based on the size of the family

Purchase the best double door refrigerator in India based on the number of people in your household. When shopping for a fridge, it is highly recommended that you not choose one with a fresh food storage capacity of fewer than 160 litres.

Moreover, while inspecting the capacity, take note of the ratio between the freezer and the space dedicated to fresh food storage.

The fresh food capacity refers to the actual storage space for food, while the remaining storage space is reserved for the refrigerator and freezer.

As a result, look at the specifications to determine the actual fresh food storage capacity rather than the total storage capacity.
● 150 Litres refrigerator – Up to two family members
● 180 Litres refrigerator – Up to three family members
● 300 Litres refrigerator – Four or more family members
● 400 Litres refrigerator – Six or more family members


Compressors are used to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator at a consistent level.

Compressors are classified into two categories: general and inverter. General compressors operate at high speed, but there is no temperature loss once they attain a constant speed.

While the inverter compressor automatically changes its operation speed based on the quantity of cooling necessary.

As a result, before purchasing the best double door refrigerator in India, consumers should list all the appropriate characteristics for their requirements.

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