Picuki Instagram: What is it? Is it safe? How to use it?

Picuki is an internet tool that permits you to download all the photographs and pictures of the picuki Instagram account online.

The cool component is that you don’t have to log in or register to download a picture from a particular ID.

You have to enter the account ID of the picture you wish to download, and then you can observe all the openly posted photos of the IG account.

Picuki also has a few unbelievable big features like; you can edit further people’s post photos online,

whether it is place filters, crop, adjust dissemination, contrast, etc., you can do all.

How to make use of Picuki?

There are two foremost ways to use Picuki.

1. analysis of photographs from account search

·        Tick on the URL below to come in Picuki, an online IG photo download tool.

·        online  Picuki IG photo picture download (editable)

·        After entering the Picuki website, you will see its homepage.

The way to use Picuki is awfully simple; just go through the other party’s Instagram account directly on the website.

·        Picuki will then catalog all the IGs related to the IG account you go through, typically you will easily discover which one you are looking for.

Click to enter after you discover the IG account you are on the hunt for. For instance, insert famous football star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

·        After you tick to enter the IG account, you will come across that Picuki has planned all the photos and pictures of the IG posts of the account and yet some posts of the IG account have been planned for you.

·        After that you can find to browse all the posts on the IG account!

After you discover the post you feel like downloading the picture, tick to enter.

·        After ingoing the post photo, if you be desperate to download this photo,

now click “Download” to download it, and the IG picture photo on the Picuki website is complete size, there will be no dilemma of the thumbnail becoming smaller.

2. View photos from hashtag search

To inspect Instagram photos using hashtag search, chase the steps below.

  • Way into Picuki likes before and taps the search window.
  • Go through the hashtag you want to look for and tap the “search icon”.
  • Tap “Tags” over the search results.
  • Candidate hashtags are demonstrated, so hit the hashtag you want to see.
  • Hashtag explores results are displayed, and you can observe the posted photos by scrolling the display. Now you can observe the photos from the hashtag look for.

How to alter the photo in Picuki

One of the major features of Picuki, an internet tool, is that you can openly edit other people’s IG photos online. This characteristic is not accessible in many other IG downloaders.

2. Picuki carries you to apply filters, crop, alter exposure, contrast, saturation, etc. to pictures openly online, which is quite suitable. After amending the picture, you can download it straight.

Additionally to Picuki, you can also pass on to other useful IG downloaders.

You can observe the story without logging in

With Picuki you can also watch Instagram stories without signing in.

If you would like to see the Instagram story, go after the steps below.

Get access to the profile page of the person you be desperate to see the story with Picuki.

  • Click “Stories” on the profile display.
  • Tick the story icon displayed underneath the screen.
  • At the moment you can watch Instagram stories without logging in.

If the story video does not take part in it, make an effort to download it to your smartphone just once.

Now you can also watch the video by playing the downloaded file.

 What occurs to your footprints when you come across Instagram on Picuki?

Generally, on Instagram, when you take a look at a story, you find a footprint.

A lot of people want to see Instagram stories without footprints.

When you look at an Instagram story on Picuki, there are no footprints.

When you be desperate to see the story without footprints, it is safe and sound to see it from an outside site like Picuki.

Is Picuki officially permitted and safe?

Yes, it is, browsing Instagram secretly is a legal, safe, and easy way of enjoying the whole thing about Instagram without unnecessary calamity.

What I can achieve with picuki.com?

  • look for celebrities
  • inspection celebrity posts
  • You can read the remarks on the post
  • Remark on a post and see a person’s profile.
  • You can verify the number of excellent things on the post
  • Hashtag search is feasible
  • You can glimpse the story

What I can’t do with picuki.com?

  • settings  of my profile
  • Make your post
  • To comment
  • Good
  • Watch Livestream
  • Can’t view or download from a private account

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