Top Platforms That Offer Free Web Hosting for Students 


Do you know what the most desired thing for students is? It is free of cost or discounted services. Thanks to today’s advancements; now there are discounts on many things ranging from salad to free hosting for students. Many platforms offer free hosting services for students. Today’s article is all about knowing those platforms and their benefits. The list of some of the best platforms below is worth reading. So, do not go anywhere and stick to this article until the very last moment. I assure you that you will get practical insights into web hosting. So, let’s start our discussion with the following question:  

What are the free hosting websites for students? 

Before discussing the websites, let’s define the term hosting websites. In today’s advanced world, an online presence is mandatory. Students create their websites and blog posts to inform people of their knowledge. The hosting websites provide them with all the facilities required to create and maintain their sites.  

In the simplest words, web hosting is simply an infrastructure that puts your website on the internet. Anyone who has access to the internet can see, share and comment on your website. You usually go to a platform and create your online presence first in practice.  

Where can I get free web hosting? 

Finding free hosting for students is not difficult at all. The internet is full of hosting providers. Some are free, while some are paid. I will only discuss the free ones, but you must remember that most of the free things are not actually free. Every service takes something in return for it. You must be aware of the potential threats and privacy attacks. Tech experts of an assignment writing service have defined a list of free website hosting service providers. The list of the top platforms that offer free hosting for students are as follows: 

  • InfinityFree 
  • Wix  
  • Weebly  
  • AwardSapce  
  • Freehostia  
  • 000WebHost  

Let’s talk about all the platforms mentioned above one by one down below: 


The first platform on the list is InfinityFree. It provides unlimited free hosting to all its users. It is an initiative powered by iFast Net. It offers endless benefits to its users. It has more than 400+ apps installed, including WordPress. After going to this platform, you will access the Softaculous Script Installer to install WordPress. This hosting platform doesn’t offer domain registrations. The good thing is that you can use one you have acquired from another registrar. It means a domain generated from another hosting can be used here.  


  • The 400+ different apps make it very large in terms of storage  
  • The bandwidth of this free hosting for students is also large  
  • Support speed is of medium quality  


  • Though it is free, it is extremely failed to choose its side. The free plan offers less CPU, and the premium offers more CPU. Still, it claims to be free 
  • Limits of the sit visit, i.e., only 30 visits per day  
  • Ads on the Cpanel, so its services are not free 


Wix is a drag and drop, website builder. It is the most user-friendly free hosting for students. The good thing is that you do not need knowledge of any type of coding and PHP. It is both a website builder and space to host that website.  


  • The site’s speed is very good 
  • In the case of template collection. Wix is the Mercedes of all the hosting platforms 
  • It helps you market your site very easily 


  • Despite the massive collection of templates, its templates are not interchangeable  
  • Tracking and getting traffic insights into your webize requires paid plan  
  • The site is not transferrable to any other platform  


Weebly is a very good site builder that builds sites related to e-commerce. Although it is not suited for very large enterprises, it provides cost-effective services to small-scale businesses. Many experts also call it the best hosting platform for personal websites. The blogging option is also available due to the free plan.  


  • The site is very solid and competitive  
  • A large range of themes make it highly flexible in site design  
  • Weebly mobile app allows you to design and manage from your phone 


  • Blogging tools are not very vast  
  • To use its full features, you have to buy a paid plan  
  • Square does not work anywhere  


AwardSpace offers free hosting for students. It is small, but its perks are not relatively that small. It provides you with plenty of options to launch your own website. The benefits are similar to the other web hosting platforms, with one exception. The exception is that it offers you one free domain and three free subdomains.  


  • The 24/7 support is always there to help students  
  • 1GB free storage for newcomers  
  • 1 domain and 3 subdomains for free 


  • The bandwidth of the site is very low  
  • The site speed also becomes very slow at times  
  • No site builder is there  


If you want to build a simple website and features do not matter to you, freehostia is there. This platform is very stable with its 99.9% uptime rate. All the applications are just one click away, like WordPress and Joomla.  


  • The bandwidth is massive, i.e., ^GB of bandwidth  
  • 24/7 support also makes it a very good option  
  • You can create free three email accounts  


  • There is no site builder  
  • It offers only 250 MB of storage for its new users, which is very low 
  • No free domain  


This platform has been on the internet nearly for the past 10 years. It has established itself as the top free hosting for students. It is 100% free forever, so you do not need to worry about your site getting pulled off after some time.  


  • 10 GB bandwidth  
  • You can make two websites at the same time  
  • You can use your own ads  


  • Might have downtimes 
  • Server speed may be slow 
  • No backup 


Students, most of the time, are tight on their budgets. This is why many websites now offer free hosting for students. The list given above is not a complete list of all the platforms. These are only the top platforms. You can look for other web hosting platforms on the internet.

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