The Beginners Guide to Public Shooting Range

If you are visiting the shooting range for the first time, you may have lots of questions in mind. Shooting ranges seem professional, and if you are not an experienced shooter, it can seem daunting to visit for the first time. However, they are safe and designed for shooters of all abilities. That means they are the perfect place for beginner shooters to learn more about shooting skills, responsibilities, and safety precautions.

Regardless of guns and shotshells, shooting range allows shooters to expose more. Most shooters feel anxiety when they are going to experience a shooting range. There is also added pressure of shooting in front of the more experienced shooters.

But you do need to consider yourself less than those expert shooters. By learning a few things about the public shootings range, you can kick out your anxiety and act as an experienced shooter. If you have the best shooting gun, high-quality shotshells like 5.7X28 ammo, good range etiquettes, and follow the range rules, you will be able to shoot on a shooting range.

While every shooting range is designed differently, this guide contains general tips and will hopefully make you more confident during your first to the public shooting range and help you to feel safe and enjoyable.

Before You Go, Learn the Basic Fundamentals


Safety Precautions

Before you head to the public shooting range, you need to understand the basics of gun safety.

  • Keep the muzzle in the safe direction, toward the sky or downward.
  • Treat your firearm respectfully.
  • Check out the target carefully, what is in front and beyond.
  • Keep your finger away from the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  • Unload your firearm when not in use.
  • Firearms and ammunition should be stored in safety and separately.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol before and during shooting
  • Target the point only you intend to shoot.
  • Safely check your firearm and ammunition before shooting.

Learn The Language

It is important to learn the common commands that come under the safety rules. Here are they:

  • Commence Firing: Begin firing as soon as the shooter is ready.
  • Firing Line: A line from where the firearms are discharged.
  • A Range is Opened: Shooting is taking place, and no one is allowed to cross the line.
  • A Range is Closed: Shooting has been taken place. It is now safe to move forward of the firing line to set up and check targets.
  • Ceasefire: This means to stop shooting immediately, unload your weapons, step back from the firing line, remove the magazine and leave the chamber open. There should be no action and handling of firearms during the ceasefire.

Let’s Head to the Major Beginners Guide to Public Shooting Range

Research the Range

Every shooting range is different. Before you go shooting, know safety rules, restrictions, and procedures for the range where you have to shoot. It will help you know the shooting range deeply and be less likely to make mistakes.

Dress Appropriately

Like any other sport, shooting also required proper dress. A shooting range is not a place where you can wear shorts, open-toed shoes, V-neck, or a low-cut shirt. Some shooting ranges actually have a dress code. It will do nothing but make you feel like a professional.

Take Expert With You

If you know any experienced person, whether it is your family member or friends, ask them to go with you. Having someone you know on the ground will boost your confidence and make you feel more confident.

Plan Your Trip

Make sure to check the shooting range days or hours before shooting. Do not be in a rush if this is your first time, and give yourself some time. It might be possible that there is no bench available for you. Also, check the shooting calendar if there is a competition or any special event which can restrict shooting range.

Rent Ears and Eyes Protection

You can rent ear and eye protection from the shooting range, but it is not a bad idea to pick up your own set of glasses and earplugs or ear cuffs on your first trip. Make sure they are not oversized and fit you well. Wearing the protection of being a new shooter will help you to save from the loud noise.

Pack a Water Bottle

If you are planning to spend a whole day on the shooting range, it is not a bad idea to carry a water bottle or a cooler with some soft drinks to keep yourself hydrated. If you have drinking water with you, you can keep yourself hydrated and cool on summer days. Well, when you have a great time on the shooting range, do not forget to clean up your area before leaving. Also, wash your hands when you’re done with your shooting. This will show your good etiquette. Follow this guide and suggest your friends also if you find it worthy.

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