Key trends in iOS app development worth observing

Smartphones have become a key part of human lives.

Everyone these days owns a smartphone and utilizes different functionalities daily to solve a problem and vice versa.

All these features we use on our phones would not be possible without the needed apps.

Phone alarms, emails, games, social media apps, internet browsing, and the like; wouldn’t be possible if there were no proper apps for this purpose.

People depend on these apps daily. This indicates that smartphone development and mobile app development won‘t stop, but will rather evolve and improve.

There is constant innovation in mobile apps.

Apple is always hence looking to give something new to its users, especially those using the much-revered iPhone.

The latest trends in iOS app development are briefly explained

Mobile app development companies & experts and experienced developers in this arena have decided to share with us the latest trends Apple is following within the development of apps on iOS. Here is a brief explanation :

Beacon and GPS technologies

Beacon and GPS technologies are already in commercial usage.

They have also been used for advanced marketing tactics, helpful in targeting specific individuals or specific groups of people in a larger target audience.

These technologies have not only gained momentum but are now evolving into much smarter versions.

GPS sensors and beacons are integrated into lighting, appliances, automobiles, and other things.

iOS 7 of Apple inc has an interface that can be used by owners to control and manage different appliances present in their house.

Users can hence carry out these actions from both their homes and from another location too.

Other than providing users conveniences, such an initiative is energy saving, user friendly, and environmentally friendly too.

Wearable gadgets and technologies

This trend is now in full swing. It grew further after the year 2020, sparked by the outbreak of COVID-19.

There are some amazing wearable devices existing in the market, like Samsung Watch, Moto Smartwatch, Apple Watch, and Google Daydream.

In the coming years, there is no industrial limit to wearable devices.

They will go beyond healthcare.

This is going to help mobile app development evolve beyond its current level.

Advanced security measures

As more people are using iPhones and iPads, not just for personal tasks but for commercial and professional purposes too, more advanced security measures are on the way.

Tasks like finances, information sharing, facility management, home management, and other tasks hence raise the need for security measures to evolve and advance.

This is challenge iOS developers are anticipating and are willing to tackle, solve and improve so that iOS users do not need to worry about anything.

Apple’s devices are usually secure. Yet, the company often issues regular advisories to its users and customers about device security. iOS 15.3.1 is the latest version and Apple Inc.

often advises its customers to update their devices’ operating systems to the latest available versions via regular security and operating systems updates.

Apple has come quite far when it comes to security updates for its devices.

Augmented Reality is making strides

Augmented reality (AR) has reached iOS app development.

It often relies on GPS technology to provide a diverse array of services to iPhone users.

we are not only using it in games but also, in retail and real estate, it has made a lot of strides.

The gaming industry has evolved. Games integrate through AR into each activity a user performs.

GPS and augmented reality are important for app developers even today.

They have helped transform app ideas based on AR and Virtual Reality (VR) into worthwhile apps that have helped evolve mobile gaming and made it become more 3D.

Apple leads the way in this arena.

Moreover, Apple Inc. has improved mobile gaming on its devices and hence has also amplified security in this regard.

Implementing SWIFT

Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Well, in one way it is because Objective-C was once the mainstay of iOS app development. But given the strenuous coding techniques and advancements in technology, SWIFT was made to improve iOS app development. Now it is the mainstay programming language in iOS app development.

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