With increasing competition, it becomes increasingly important to know how to grab traffic quickly.

Furthermore, organic traffic is essential for saving your input cost and catching the lowest hanging fruit from the web. Let’s see how to achieve this.

What are the latest SEO techniques to increase traffic speedily?

Every year comes with challenges to attain organic visitors. To make your journey easier, follow these steps:

Using long-tail keywords gets you closer to target traffic early.

Long-tail keywords are the foremost secret behind increasing organic search traffic without any other effort.

People put several types of queries: short, medium, and long-tail.

Short keywords are category words like jeans, footwear, home decor, etc. They range from 1 to 2 words. So, it has high competition as every website is competing for these keywords.

Long-tail keywords have four or more than four keywords. Users get more specific while asking for long-tail queries like black jeans for women, home decor ideas for small homes. It has low search volume and less competition.

By covering content on long-tail keywords there are high chances that your website will surpass the competition. It will make you appear higher on search engine results that will improve genuine visitors considerably.


Consider guest blogging and natural anchor text placement.

Guest blogging is contributing to other websites’ content. The basic aim is to build relationships and link building. It is the best way to get qualified traffic to your website. For this, the guest blogging site must relate to your niche or industry.

Furthermore, Google considers it a ranking factor only when assigned links are relevant to users. It is effective when the anchor text matches the context. Otherwise, by putting links anywhere on other websites’ side or bottom menu, it signals Google that it is a black hat SEO technique.


Create videos on YouTube for high customer engagement

Videos are the highest visitor engrossing factor that gets you maximum shares and involvement. What’s so special about videos? It is the presence of several media in one place: music, audio, visuals, emotions, human interaction, etc.

People of almost all ages refer to videos for:

  • Reviews and rating videos
  • How-to videos
  • Entertainment and advertising

Depending on your industry, you can spread the word about your brand, products, and services very easily. Further, pitching articles and blogs become more readable by adding short clips.

Optimize video size for it to lead with ease, and it doesn’t disrupt page speed.


Find and fix on-page SEO errors.

On-page optimization can make or break your website. Even if you get tons of visitors, without page quality, it will drop to zero.

SEO audit services can find and fix on-page errors:

  • Check if the length and relevance of the meta description, URL, and title tags are correct.
  • Monitor well-written and original content as per target audience.
  • Proper formatting of headings, subheadings, and image alt text.
  • Insertion of primary keywords at key areas.

It is necessary to fix on-page SEO for improving the Google ranking factors. With this, retaining existing customers and attracting new ones become seamless.


Answer Frequently Asked Questions for featured snippets visibility.

Do you cover a single topic on a web page or various topics at one time? Covering many at once can make you an expert at the jack of all trades, but not help you achieve higher rankings.

On the other hand, when you cover a topic answering user queries from various angles, it gives you more online visibility. Google picks your content for featured snippets.

Further, you can appear on Google search results “People Also Ask” section as well. With this, users become more familiar with your brand and consider purchasing your products or services when trust builds completely.


Leverage high-performing and remove downgrading content.

SEO tools can tell you about the web pages that are performing well on search engines and others not. High-performing content includes that have more:

  • CTR
  • Number of visitors
  • Time per session

It becomes even more important when these pages give you more sales and generate leads. To leverage them, assign internal links at relevant places in other web pages.

Similarly, low-performing content can take your rankings down the drain. So, remove the pages with:

  • High bounce rate
  • Obsolete pages


Perform competitor’s data to climb the ladder of success fast

Building upon competitors’ success parameters saves your time and effort for starting from scratch. If you are working on any new marketing strategy, competitors’ analysis will help you get customers fast.

See what are the top competitors in the industry by searching for several keywords and compiling the data.

Content matters the most, so pick the content relevant to your business and customer needs. Next, check their title tags and meta descriptions if they are actionable and include what type of keywords.

Further, check their backlink profile and see if you can use them.


Final words

Use information-packed meta descriptions and attractive page titles to entice users from search results. To leave a lasting impression on website visitors, provide them with optimized page speed and effortless web navigation.

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