Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Blog Traffic and Drive More Sales

Blogging is one of the most effective means to boost content marketing strategy. 

Also, it is a scalable and cost-friendly approach; hence is the third-most used content marketing plan for businesses. 

According to Statista, there are roughly 32 million bloggers in the US, and this number is growing steadily.

Also, as reported by Hubspot, business with a blog gets 55% more website traffic than businesses that don’t have a blog.

Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Traffic Blog

This is no secret that increasing traffic leads to an increase in sales.

But, a proper and effective strategy to boost traffic to blogs is an essential part.

A few of these strategies to boost blog traffic are accumulated below.

1. Tailor the SEO

Irrespective of the focus industry, blogs are integral in driving sales. The visibility and ranking of a blog in Google SERP depend primarily on the SEO optimization ability of a business. However, these things are somewhat technical, and every business must take necessary care of SEO that is aligned with business requirements.

Also, keyword research is an integral part of SEO. Knowing the most-searched keywords and competition for it can help significantly. 

As companies related to content writing services have years of expertise in creating SEO-friendly content, it will be beneficial to consult them before doing keyword research and optimizing SEO. However, a few of the elements to take note of are –

  •  Internal and external linking
  •  Proper keyword placement in the content
  • Incorporating LSI keywords
  • Proper subheading distribution
  • Use of relevant titles and headings
  • Optimizing Metadata and alt text

2. Create Evergreen Posts

Posting content in the blog section also comes with a shelf-life. If it contains data, it might have relevant validity until the next update comes. For example, if the content talks about the number of visitors to a particular country, the validity is likely to last for a year, and it needs to update again for the following year. 

However, content like ‘how to cook schezwan chicken’ is an evergreen post as the recipe will remain the same for this particular dish.

So, knowing the business and creating evergreen content is necessary as it requires less up-gradation and can be available forever. Furthermore, this is along a sustained way to develop traffic, as this type of post creates traffic years after posting.

3. Generating Traffic Through Email

According to data by Oberlo, over 269 billion emails are sent every day. Therefore, email marketing is one of the most effective content marketing strategies to promote and connect with prospective customers.

Experts believe that every $1 spent in Email marketing can return $36. They also think that Email marketing can lead to more sales compared to social media marketing. 

This is because 60% of customers said they had made a purchase based on their emails. So, make sure to create powerful and engaging content with valuable infographics and clickbait words for promoting your business.

4. Maximize Content Exposure

Social media allows connecting directly with the customers. So, sharing insights across social media will give your content maximum exposure. This helps to communicate with customers and provides a window for their engagement. Businesses can also provide links to read further or share links on their blogs for that they can reach a maximum number of people.

Apart from it, using proper hashtags is vital as this immediately connects to users on a trending topic. Also, to get attention, you can add images, and data to make your content more engaging. Thus, this content marketing strategy helps direct customer engagement with the business, thus boosting sales.

5. Guest Blogging

To increase the online footprint, guest blogging is always recommended. But, guest blogging at any random place might not help, as they have very minimal traffic to their website. So, it is essential to understand that guest blogging at a high-traffic website is more helpful to create a stable online presence. 

Also, if you hyperlink to one of your product pages, it will likely create more traffic to your website, which will eventually lead to sales. Also, during guest blogging, when the Google Spider will crawl the main website, a hyperlink to your website can help transfer link juice that can create the authority of blogs to rank higher in the Google SERP.

However, guest blogging is not an easy task. As someone else is reading your content on a different website, it must be engaging and informative. Companies providing content writing services are experts in writing guest posts with proper optimization for reader engagement. 


So apart from these content marketing strategies, individuals can also try to make viral content and restructure their posts. 

Optimizing content with LSI and long-tail keywords is also a great way to rank in Google SERP. 

But, before boosting your content marketing strategy, make sure to perform proper homework with keyword research and SEO to optimize your content.

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