Conditions & Benefits Of Designing Mobile Websites For Automotive Dealerships

Mobile websites give automotive dealerships a whole new dimension for solidifying their position among potential customers. Mobile websites have flooded with opportunities for automotive dealerships by targeting specific customers, increasing the organization’s visibility, and generating quality leads.

The first thing a consumer does today is that they surf online for whatever product or services they want. Mobile websites are required to maintain the quality of services they provide, for example :

  1. Website load time
  2. Site navigation
  3. Web page layout
  4. Effective presentation

Then coming to the various advantages of a mobile website:

Automotive dealers can effectively use the power of the best app development companies to reach out to the growing market of mobile web users i.e. it improves the web presence.

More Sales Opportunities– Mobile websites help to target specific customers and increase sales opportunities by generating high-quality leads. 

Superior user experience is provided by improved website usability, faster load time, navigation, and good web page layout, which increases the chances of lead conversion and improves sales.

With the rapidly changing market trends, they assist in reaching out to new customer segments and increasing sales opportunities. Obtain High-Quality Leads.

A mobile website is an excellent communication channel for exploring new markets and generating more revenue.

Case study of Honda:

95% of the car sales are made at dealerships but customers first go and check online to begin with their buying journey.

Therefore, you can say that online advertising is the key to getting new leads. 

Still, there are many challenges that automotive dealership has:

One of the challenges are gaining the trust of their leads. The job is to get the customer to the sales team so that they can sell their product to the consumer.

There are a few automotive marketing strategies that you can follow:-

  • Customer review for building trust: Good reviews help other customers to build trust for a particular product. Reviews can be either good or bad but it is the most effective marketing strategy.
  • Being at the top of Google Search engine: The first thing a customer does is google search by entering a few keywords and then google gives thousands of results.

According to a Kenshoo study, 70% of car buyers start their search with search engines.

Because the first few listings always receive the most clicks, making sure you’re in the top positions is critical to your automotive marketing success.

To accomplish this, your Google Ads strategy must be extremely effective. So, how do you get to the top of the page without spending a fortune?

There are certain strategies that Google favors and will help you climb the ranks without spending more money. To get started, consider the following suggestions:

Ensure that your Google Ads account is properly structured, with tightly knit ad groups (aim to have 15-20 keywords per ad group).

Maintain keywords that are closely related to your ad text and include 2-3 ads per ad group/keyword list.

Make use of ad extensions! Google adores them, and they will assist you in gaining more ad real estate and increasing your chances of lead interaction.

Add negative keywords to filter out irrelevant searches (and keep an eye on your search results).

Allocate your budget wisely among campaigns. What are your best-selling items? What are your target audience’s most likely search terms? Bid higher on these items to capitalize on what your audience is interested in.

It’s also important not to overlook other search engines, such as Bing.

While Bing may appear to be Google’s overlooked cousin, they do account for a segment of the search market that typically attracts older people—people who are likely more financially established and able to invest in expensive cars.

  • Place a bid on a competitor’s key:

While we’re on the subject of search engine marketing, it’s critical to avoid bidding on obvious keywords like “new Honda Accord.” In order to compete, you should also launch an automotive marketing campaign.

It is a fierce and competitive world in automotive marketing, so being able to show up with compelling ad copy every time your competition does is critical.

While I would not recommend saying anything negative or using your competitor’s name in your ad copy (which Google may penalize you for), you should bid on your top competitors’ brand names and create highly persuasive ads to entice leads to visit your website rather than your competitor’s.

While I can’t tell if they’re bidding on competitor keywords or not, I like how they’re appealing to a specific demographic and adding value for that person right in the headline of their ad.

  • With one-of-a-kind offers, you can entice customers to visit your store.

Why should I buy a car from you rather than the dealership down the street—or one that is more conveniently located or more reasonably priced? Convincing prospects to choose you over your competition is a critical component of your automotive marketing strategy.

You could offer a 5% discount to all new car buyers, or free oil changes for the first two years. Incentives are also great for instilling a sense of urgency in your customers so that they buy from you before they miss out on a special limited-time offer.

Check out the $1,000 deal for college graduates below. What a great way to bring in new car buyers at a time when they are most likely looking for their post-college vehicle.

  • Remarket !

Remarketing is an important aspect of automotive marketing. Because there is so much comparison shopping going on, and the sales process is such an important part of the car buying process, it is critical not to lose new leads during the marketing stage. Giving them reminders through intriguing remarketing ads is one excellent way to ensure that no leads fall out of the funnel.

You can lower your abandonment rate and close more deals with remarketing by showing enticing Display ads to people who have recently visited your site to remind them you’re there and guide them through the process. To entice them to come into the store, show them a special offer. This will ensure that you are able to connect them with your outstanding sales team.

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