Best UGC Platforms for your Business

Want to get started with UGC marketing the right way? Get a UGC platform for your business to collect content, design it with your creativity, and integrate it on various brand communication touchpoints. 

But if you are confused after looking at all the UGC platform options available online, it’s okay. You need some help distinguishing between the platform and finding the most suitable ones for your business. 

Don’t worry. We are here to save the day. This article will make you understand the characteristics you need to look for when selecting a UGC platform for your business. Then we have listed the top UGC platform recommendations, which are the most trusted brand options by businesses across the world. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Select the Best UGC Platforms for your Business?

While selecting the best UGC platform, there are four key factors that you should consider, which are:

  1. Features of the UGC Platform: The features and functionality are the most important requirements which will make your UGC campaign hit or fail.So you need to ensure that you have all the features you need when selecting a UGC platform. Some of the features you must have are: 
    • content aggregation from many platforms,
    • content curation
    • moderation
    • customization
    • compatible with different marketing channels like websites, signages, email, etc.
  2. User-friendly: Look for a no-code UGC platform that is easy to use even for a user with no tech experience. A platform where you waste hours learning how to use it is no good for you. 
  3. Support Services: Since there is always a chance for things to go awry with software, it is important that you have quick and effective support to get things working. So check the support team’s assistance of the UGC platform before selecting one.   
  4. Price: UGC platforms offer various pricing plans, and you should look for a plan that justifies its usability and the features and support it provides. Don’t look for a cheap UGC platform, but a reasonable one, and according to your requirement, select a plan.

Best UGC Platforms to take your Business to the Next Level

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a one-stop-shop UGC platform for businesses, packed with all the best features to scale your marketing with UGC campaigns. It gives you the freedom of creativity, the power of analytics and data, and control over the content. Some of its most beneficial features are: 

  • Taggbox allows you to capitalize UGC across all brand touchpoints.
  • It offers many platform integrations. 
  • You get premium products – Display, Widget, Taggshop, UGC Rights for all your requirements. 
  • The AI-powered analytics will help you dive deep into understanding user behavior and analyze your marketing campaign results.
  • Taggbox regularly introduces new features and integrations to stretch the horizon for your UGC marketing capabilities.
  • It has a mobile app that allows businesses to monitor and manage their campaigns on the go. 

2. Pixlee

Pixlee helps businesses collect UGC and influencer-generated content. It’s one of the tools you should consider as its advanced features will help you scale your business. 

  • Detailed analytics to measure the performance and optimize the UGC campaign strategy.
  • With Pixlee, you can make shoppable galleries and improve product discoverability.
  • Mobile application integration so you can use UGC in mobile apps.
  • Automatically indexes your UGC content. 

3. Yotpo

Yotpo offers the services of an eCommerce marketing platform. With Yotpo, you can leverage UGC for the best results for your eCommerce business. Here is how Yotpo will help you grow your sales and business:

  • You can build referral programs for your customers and engage them. It will help you expand your customer base and increase the number of repeat customers. You can give rewards to your customers, which will help build a strong relationship with them.
  • Yotpo helps you make SMS marketing for your eCommerce brand promotion along with personalized messages to drive sales. 
  • Add reviews to your marketing touchpoints to bring authenticity.
  • Aggregate and show visual UGC.

4. Stackla

  • It helps users in aggregating content from 25+ sources which expands your UGC collection library. 
  • It offers organic influencers solutions to help you discover your top brand advocates online. You can then rank them higher in your UGC campaign, reach out to them and build a community through an influencer program.
  • Stackla offers UGC rights management solutions for businesses. 
  • The AI technology of Stackla helps businesses see predictive recommendations for UGC content results. So you can easily filter the content in best and not useful categories before publishing.

Ready to Make Your UGC Marketing Campaigns?

Putting customers to the core of your marketing will build a reliable relationship with them, taking your business to the next level. Although to get started, you will need the best UGC platform for your business.

UGC platform is more than a tool for your business, it’s an asset, and you need to choose where you invest. So refer to the points we have discussed and check out our recommended UGC platform.

Breakthrough the noise of your competitors with a powerful and well-designed UGC campaign.

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