Best Guide: how to break down a fishing rod?


Once you start fishing, your fishing rod becomes the most important thing for you as you have to come across its use every time. Some people are fond of buying new fishing rods now and then. But sometimes, it becomes out of budget to buy a fishing rod regularly.

Instead, one has to go for a new one if the fishing rod breaks down. Now there are inevitable common mistakes that lead you to the breakdown of the fishing rods.

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Hitting the fishing rod to a rough surface

One of the reasons your fishing rod breaks down is when you are taking it inside the home, you may hit it with the door or window. While you are carelessly entering the house, anything that is causing hurdles in your way may accidentally hit the rod on that surface, which is the leading cause of the broken fishing rods.

 Even if your rod is not broken, some cracks may appear on it that will make it useless for other fishing occasions. So, it is essential to clear the way while carrying your fishing rod or try to double fold it carefully.

Transporting your fishing rod in the vehicle

Whenever someone goes out fishing, they prefer to keep the fishing rod in the car trunk. Now there are chances that if you place the fishing rod in the trunk of your car and there are some other things as well in the trunk when you are crossing a bumpy road or anywhere and have to apply a quick break, the items in the trunk can lean against each other.

In this way, if a heavy thing has counted against the fishing rod, it will give minor cracks to it. This is also a common reason how fishing rods break down.

Putting pressure on the rod

Once you get a fish on your fishing rod, there are chances that you may break your fishing rod. While fighting with a fish, always remember to keep the rod at an angle of 90 degrees from the ground.

If you change the rise and it becomes more than 90 degrees, then the fishing rod has to tolerate a lot of pressure that it cannot bear. Because of this pressure, your rod may break down, and you lose on the fish as well. So be careful with the angle from the ground.

How to Break Down a Fishing Rod? FAQ


1.     Where do most of the fishing rods break?

Mostly the fishing rods break from the top or the bottom. It is because when a lot of pressure is put on the rod, it breaks down. When people focus on catching the fish more and forget the pressure the fishing rod is bearing, then there are chances that your rod will break.

The only thing you need to remember is not to put a lot of pressure on the rod so you can catch the fish quickly.

2.     What if the rod does not match the tackle?

While you are catching the fish and stretching the rod and you get afraid that your rod will break, you must know that your rod does not match the tackle. If tackle cannot bear more weight, do not prefer the fish.

3.     Can I fix my snapped rod?

Mostly the rods are now durable, but if your rod gets snapped, you can mend it with the help of a fiberglass pole. To some extent, you can fix it, but its efficiency cannot be as much as the original fine rod.


In this article, we covered how a fishing rod can break down. There are many reasons, like hitting a rough surface, leaning onto the heavy things in the car trunks, or putting a lot of pressure on the fishing rod. You can avoid these issues when using it carefully. I hope this article gives you enough grip on how a fish rod can break down.

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